I am an Actor. A Writer. A Leo with Pisces rising.

I'm also non-binary which means I use they/them pronouns and hatched out of an egg. I made this website because I realised that the only way to find me or my work is via Facebook and, well, I'm better than that. Here you can find info about my past projects, details of anything I've got in the works and a lot of photos of my face, with an option to rate them out of 10.


In short, I feel like this website is a pretty good representation of the work I've made over the past four-ish years. All of it has been an attempt to better understand the world I experience and an effort to investigate themes of injustice, privilege, gender, queerness and impending ecological doom.

As a white artist living and working on stolen land, I acknowledge the enormous amount of privilege I bring to everything that I do. I pledge to use my voice for good, to call out racist, misogynistic, queerphobic and ableist bullsh*t and abuse when I encounter it and above all else, to listen to those whom I have so much to learn from. 

Also, my moon is in Aries. #Fiery!

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