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"#KWANDA is a hilarious bipartisan achievement that offers some cause for hope: our comedians, at least, are more efficacious and less toxically polarised than our Parliament." - The Age

In March 2019 I auditioned for a new political satire written by someone whose podcast I was a big fan of, Tom Ballard. The role was an arrogant Liberal Party senator and given my experience as an arrogant Prince George of Cambridge I knew I'd get the part. I didn't. Sammy J did. But then he couldn't do it and so I was cast. Thanks Sammy J!

Working on this project, with this team and being directed by Alan Brough was an absolute dream. Terrifying being in the company of such extraordinary comedians but a dream nonetheless. Ra Chapman, Emily Taheny, Michelle Brasier and Geraldine Hickey are all badass funny women and working with them was actual heaven. Tom was good too. But in the end, Sammy J is whom I'm most grateful for. 

"It’s glorious chaos that sadly would never make it past the kill button of live TV, so if you really want to witness what might happen on Q&A if people starting telling the truth, get along to #Kwanda. It’s the smartest, best guaranteed laugh of the festival." - Australian Stage

Directed by Alan Brough

Written by Tom Ballard

Starring Ra Chapman, Emily Taheny, Michelle Brasier, Tom Ballard, Geraldine Hickey and Patrick Livesey.