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"It is an edge-of-the-seat experience, wonderfully written and expertly performed. Bravo!"

- The Barefoot Review

Set over the course of one night, DIRT is a queer thriller that follows two strangers who hook up in modern-day Moscow. Both need something from the other, both have something to hide.

In 2020 my partner, Wil King and I commissioned Angus Cameron to write a play in response to the persecution of LGBTQIA+ peoples across the so-called Russian Federation. We wanted to raise awareness about an issue that most people were entirely unaware of and we thought we could raise a fair bit of money through ticket sales. We brought on board Bronwen Coleman to direct and whilst developing a play during the first Melbourne lockdown was challenging, the team we brought together was pure magic. As our leader, Bronwen was fierce and passionate and brought decades of experience to the work. The final result was a testament to her vision and talent and you should all work with her. Immediately.

In February 2021 we premiered DIRT at Holden Street Theatres for the Adelaide Fringe Festival and over it's five-week run, DIRT received a dozen five-star reviews, two weekly awards (BankSA Best Theatre and The Adelaide Critics Circle Award) as well as the overall Adelaide Critics Circle Award and the Frank Ford Award. One dollar from every ticket sold was donated to the Russian LGBT Network and the Moscow Community Center for LGBT+ Initiatives. In the end, just under $1,800 was donated and with future seasons on the horizon this amount is sure to grow. 

‘Occasionally, 60 minutes can change your life, and for me, Patrick Livesey’s production of Dirt is an example of how fine theatre can showcase and educate about human rights issues in a subtle, compelling way.’ - Stage Whispers

‘Patrick Livesey and Wil King … are brilliant. Livesey as the arrogant Russian tour guide and King as the earnestly curious tourist, their chemistry is electric and with minimal props and set can create a world that is totally believable. Whether the scenes are set in a nightclub cubicle or a bedroom, their talent really takes you there.’

- The Upside News

‘It is a gripping drama, a strong commentary on journalism, and if that isn’t enough for 45 minutes, you leave the theatre with a different sense of worldliness.’  - The Advertiser

Thank you to the Independent Arts Foundation and Adelaide Fringe and the Department of Premier and Cabinet of South Australia for their support of this work. 

Directed by Bronwen Coleman

Written by Angus Cameron

Sound Design by MzRizk

Lighting Design by Matt Ralph

Commissioned, Produced & Performed by Patrick Livesey & Wil King