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"quick-witted, captivating and sometimes titillating theatre" - InDaily

Tearing through the halls of Parliament and the last decade of Australian politics, Gone Girls is a dragged-up, camped-up and very, very well-dressed-up ode to Women in Power, bipartisan wine nights and yes, that speech.

In 2019 I started writing a play about Julia Gillard and Julie Bishop writing love letters to each other in Parliament House. Bishop had recently lost the infamous #Libspill and whilst I have no real infinity for J-Bish or her politics, I thought it was pretty wild that after 11 years of serving as Deputy, she could walk away with just 11 out of 85 votes for leader of her party. I was also mildy miffed that ScoMo won the election. Eventually this idea of bringing these two ladies together turned into a drag revenge fantasy and in September 2019, Esther Myles and I premiered the first version of Gone Girls at Melbourne Fringe Festival, supported by Pinky Watson and Rosemary Walls

Drag and #auspol may seem like a match made in heaven but it took a while to find the right recipe. In late 2019, fellow VCA grad and #girlboss extraordinaire Bel Larcombe came on board and together with Wil King, a bit of insanity and the sheer delirium of living in a city blanketed by smoke (see: summer bushfires) we stumbled across the final evolution of this cwazy show. 

We previewed the new Gone Girls at Fringe World Festival 2020 and after a wee bit of Linda Hamilton-inspired tweaking, we premiered at the Adelaide Fringe Festival two weeks later. The show went off.com.au, selling out it's final week at Holden Street Theatres and if it weren't for the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic we would have had a big party to celebrate. Still waiting.

In 2021, Gasworks Arts Park programmed Gone Girls as part of their Moving Parts season of work. We were scheduled to open July 29 but 'rona had other plans. We're now set to open October 21. Stay tuned for big party. 

"a cheeky yet decidedly clever comic take on the two mightiest women of Australian politics in our time"

- The Advertiser

"hilarious, irreverent, sharp and disturbing, if you can stop laughing long enough to really consider the implications that power in politics has nothing to do with governing the country." - 5MBS Radio

‘Don’t expect this show to explain politics – but expect to be entertained’ - Adelaide Theatre Guide

Created by Patrick Livesey

Written by Patrick Livesey & Annabel Larcombe

Directed by Patrick Livesey & Wil King

Sound Design by Sidney Millar

Thanks & Love to Pinky Watson, Rosemary Walls, Esther Myles & Libby Gilbert.