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"This focused and balanced ensemble are lead by a sensitive and natural performance from Patrick Livesey"

- Theatre Press

In 1988 more than one hundred arrests were made at Salamanca Market when the Tasmanian Gay Law Reform Group defied a ban on a stall that featured petitions to decriminalise sexual activity between consenting adult males in private. The arrests lit the spark for a campaign to change a law in Tasmania that was the most draconian in the Western world in terms of its penalty and, by the time of its repeal, the last of its kind in Australia.

The Campaign, written by award-winning playwright, Campion Decent tells an historic and emotionally-charged story about real-life events that changed Tasmania for the better. Based on personal testimony, parliamentary transcripts, media reports, and archival sources from the people involved – including Rodney Croome, Nick Toonen and Christine Milne –The Campaign chronicles Tasmania’s journey from exclusion to inclusion, from opposition to acceptance, and from hatred to embrace.

In 2019 I bumped into Peter Blackburn in a rehearsal room in the lead up to Melbourne Fringe and we talked about a play he was directing for Midsumma about the fight to legalise homosexuality in Tasmania in the 90s. I knew of Rodney Croome as one of the leader's of the Marriage Equality movement but had no idea just how much he had accomplished in his life. Getting the opportunity to speak Rodney's actual words and to share this story with members of the LGBTQIA+ community, many of whom old enough to remember the repeal, was a total joy. Yay for Gay!

"An historically significant, intelligent, beautifully researched, entertaining and satisfying work." - Stage Whispers

"Livesey also impresses with his performance of Rodney Croome, demonstrating his courage and vulnerability with some beautifully restrained scenes that pack a huge emotional response." - My Melbourne Arts

“A brilliant piece of intimate, simultaneously joyful and gut wrenching theatre.” – ArtsHub

Directed by Peter Blackburn

Written by Campion Decent

Produced by Gavin Roach

Sound Design by Olivia McKenna

Set & Costume Design by Helen Rofe

Performed by Claire Sara, Ben Noble, Ben Stuart, Ally Fowler & Patrick Livesey