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cavemxn by Angus Cameron

"a genuinely subversive erotic carousel" - The Age

Mike, Tim, Chris and Oscar are friends. Sort of. They definitely know each other.

Over the span of five years and three continents, these four crash in and out of each others lives, hurtling through hook-ups, raves, saunas and each other. As the bonds between them are pulled into focus, each will have to confront within themselves the reality of who they are and what they want.

"Angus Cameron’s cavemxn is, despite its specificity, a fine play about being human now." - Stage Whispers

"Following a quartet of gay characters connected by lust, loneliness and love, Angus Cameron’s Cavemxn explores lives shaped by contemporary hook-up culture with unflinching wit – and although it is limned by tragic events and melodramatic flourishes, the dominant mode is a vigorous, unsentimental style of existential sex comedy." - The Age

"A tale that will stand the test of time but still showcases a modern experience for the LGBTQ+ community – Cavemxn is funny, sexy and clever." - Milk Bar Mag

As 2022 was the 40th anniversary of the first diagnosis of HIV/AIDS in Australia, one dollar of every ticket sold was donated to Thorne Harbour Health, to help them continue their fight for a future free of HIV.

Directed by Bronwen Coleman

Written by Angus Cameron

Set & Costume Design by XaSha Chua-Huggins

Sound Design by Danni Esposito

Lighting Design by Harrie Hogan

Assistant Directed by Oliver Ayres

Performed by Joss McLelland, Patrick Livesey, Yuchen Wang & Harvey Zielinski

Presented by by Patrick Livesey, Wil King & Anthropocene Play Company 

Proudly supported by the City of Stonnington, Creative Partnerships Australia through MATCH Lab and the Australian Cultural Fund. 

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Cavemxn Question Time: Bronwen Coleman
Cavemxn Question Time: Yuchen Wang
Cavemxn Question Time: Harvey Zielinski
Cavemxn Question Time: Angus Cameron
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