Naomi by Patrick Livesey

"Astonishing, raw and gut-wrenching. A triumph." - The Advertiser

In 2015, Patrick's mum took her own life. Drawn from interviews conducted with friends & family, Livesey portrays eight different characters each with an insight into Naomi's life, each grappling with the weight of grief, regret and love.

Winner, The Adelaide Critics Circle Weekly Award, Week 3, Adelaide Fringe 2022

Winner, BankSA Best Theatre Weekly Award, Week 4, Adelaide Fringe 2022

Winner, The Adelaide Critics Circle Award, Adelaide Fringe 2022

Winner, Mindshare SA Mental Health Awareness Award, Adelaide Fringe 2022

"A masterclass in acting! Patrick Livesey is a force in modern Australian theatre" - Stage Whispers

“Gritty and heartfelt… Livesey is an immense talent and does not disappoint” - Global Media Post

“The performance given by Patrick Livesey is raw and hypnotic. Livesey moves from character to character with chameleon-like precision in their embodiment of each individual’s mannerisms, speech and quirks. ” - Mindshare

Supported by Rosemary Walls and the Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund. 

Direction & Dramaturgy by Bronwen Coleman

Sound Design & Composition by Biddy Connor

Lighting Design by Matt Ralph

Set Design by Xandra Roberts